About OOTY Hidden Valley Jungle Camp

The virgin private forest is located 20 KM from Ooty.  There are multiple view points overlooking the mayor Gorge and Karnataka forest.  The animals found at Mudumali are available in this area. Bison, Sambhar, Mouse deer, Barking deer, Panther, Bear, Elephants, Python etc.,

The gust house is located in an old English era Bungalow with few bedrooms.  No electricity, solar lamps and kerosene lamps are provided.  The property consists of 150 acres of valleys and hills overlooking the Sigur plateau.  It is located on the foothills of the Nilgiris mountains as they decend onto the Sigur plateau.  One can see the villages of Valithotham, Anaikatty and even Masinagudi from the edge of the property.  Also visible in the distance is the Mayor gorge that divides Mudumalai and Bandipur forests.

The bungalow itself is nestled in a wooded valley that is fed by tiny mountains streams.  One of these streams is the perennial source of "mineral water" for the bungalow.

The property is contiguous with the forest that almost surrounds it so needless to say there is plenty of animal movement within.  In the vicinity of the bungalow we have a few wild regulars including a Malabar Whistling Thrush who frequently sets camp and signs his random tunes, a Nilgiri Marten (relatively rare and endemic animal) who comes nights to feed at the fig tree near the dining area, and one or two Malabar Giant Squirrels.  


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